Latorre Sports Australia offers martial arts and fitness programs to kids through to adults. The main style of martial arts focused on is Kickboxing and Taekwondo WT. Our programs are tailored to different age groups with Jungle Tots for kids aged 3-6 years old, Jungle Roos for kids aged from 7 years upwards and Jungle Kickboxing for adult women and men. 

Latorre Sports Australia was founded by Diana Latorre who was born in Bogota, Colombia. She moved to Australia in 2005 and has a Physical Education degree as well as Black belt in Taekwondo WT and Kickboxing (recognised by Kukkiwon and WAKO respectively). Diana’s impressive achievements include being a WAKO (World Association Kickboxing Organizations) International referee in WAKO Championships. She commenced her Referee career in the WAKO Colombian Open and most recently in 2018, participated in the WAKO Pan-American in Mexico, the WAKO Oceania in New Zealand in 2019 and the WAKO World championship in Bosnia in 2019. 

Based on her experience as a Physical Educator and her martial arts experience of more than 35 years, Diana identified the need for kids to participate in after-school activities where they can interact with their friends and develop an interest in physical activity that they can really enjoy. 

Consequently, Diana created the Jungle Martial Arts programs that introduces pre-schooled aged kids, school kids and their families to activities that improves social and individual interaction, discipline, perseverance and control of emotions by way of martial arts and the lifestyle attached to it.  

Latorre Sports Australia also offers Learn to Swim programs at the convenience of your own pool to different age groups, from babies to adults and different levels, from beginners to stroke correction.

Sign up to LSA today and build coordination, flexibility, strength and speed whilst getting fit and having fun at the same time!




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